Starting concerning six weeks before the big day, we'll iron out all schedules and merchandiser contributions, ensuring they're up to par together with your expectations and our standards. we'll even be taking the majority of communication off of your plate in order that you'll concentrate on what's most significant. solely books month-of coordination near a client’s we have a tendency toddling date and on a case by case basis wherever we want we are a wonderful match given the personality and quality of the vendors you have got already contracted.


Wedding Consulting

Organizing the wedding reception is just a part of the process. From begin to end, MOSTIIC will be there to assist answer queries you'll have and sift through the details concerning correct prescript, tradition and different aspects of the ceremony. We will additionally assist you in handling issues which will arise once managing today’s fashionable families.


Wedding Services

Starting with the right vendors, we'll work together from begin to end, guaranteeing that your big day is cohesive, personal and distinctive. Wedding designing above all may be a ton additional concerned than many folks anticipate and this next year approximately also will be a lot of showing emotion charged,


Event Planning

Event planning, style and production whereas managing all project delivery parts among deadlines. Liaise with clients to identify their needs and to make sure client satisfaction. Provide feedback and periodic reports to clients. Propose ideas to enhance provided services and event quality. Organize facilities and manage all event’s details like decoration, catering, recreation,